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Bonjour, cet article sera en français et en anglais !

Hi English-speaking people, this article will be first in French then in English!


Français :

Je vous présente le trailer de Powerful : images et musique épiques.

Lien du trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0A1XUHXzow

Si vous aimez l'anglais la traduction de Powerful est en route, un extrait gratuit est à venir !



The trailer of my medieval fantasy saga is now subtitled!

Epic music and pictures!

Link here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0A1XUHXzow

I have started to translate the novel in English, I will post some free excerpts soon.

I hope my English will be good enough, however I will make it corrected by English-speaking friends ☺

I’m still looking for a publishing house.

Here is the synopsis of the novel :

For twelve years, the power has been usurped at the Realm of Harcilor.
Cyr, an erudite, and his adopted son, Kaaz, have formed a secret schoo

Indeed, in this world, some people were born endowed with magical abilities : the Silarens.
However, it is not that easy to detect your own powers.
They will soon be joined by a mysterious young woman who will provide them with valuable informat

When Litar - the most powerful being of the realm - goes away for two months, they finally foresee the opportunity to act.
Can they win their freedom back? Will they make the right choice

Available on Kindle for 2.99 euros or 3.36$ : http://www.amazon.fr/Powerful-Tome-Le-royaume-dHarcilor-ebook/dp/B00YSRINFA

Thank you, enjoy your reading as we say in French!

You can find more information or contact me here :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/powerfulnovel
Twitter : https://twitter.com/RomanFantasy1
Tumblr : http://powerfulthenovel.tumblr.com/
Babelio : http://www.babelio.com/livres/S-N-Lemoing-Powerful-Tome-1–Le-royaume-dHarcilor/727631
Goodreads : https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25801952-le-royaume-d-harcilor?ref=ru_lihp_up_rs_3_mclk-up2441947694
Livraddict : http://www.livraddict.com/biblio/book.php?id=115078

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